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Journey Instruments UK Ltd offers a limited warranty to the original purchaser that our products will be free from defects in material and workmanship at the time of delivery. This warranty is only offered to original purchasers of Journey Instruments UK Ltd products purchased via authorized dealers and is non-transferable.

The warranty in its entirety is described below:

  1.  The Following Products and components are covered under warranty:

    • Stringed Instrument body, neck, and neck attachment components: Journey Instruments UK Ltd warranties these for the life of the product.

    • Electronic components and products such as amplifying devices, pickups, transducer elements etc.: Journey Instruments UK Ltd warranties these components and products for a period of one year.

    • Instrument bags and cases: Journey Instruments UK Ltd warranties these for a period of one year of normal use.

  2. No Warranty will be provided for the following:

    •  Components of products that are subject to normal breakage and wear-and-tear. This includes, but is not limited to, instrument strings, frets, tuners, finish checking hazing or cracking, pick scratch marks, plating finish wearing on instruments and cases, etc.

    • Defects, problems, or issues on instruments and products that result from negligence, improper maintenance or use, modification, abuse, or exposure to extreme temperature and humidity.

    • Any components that are manufactured by a third party brand.

    • Any instrument that has been repaired or services without authorization from Journey Instruments UK Ltd.

    • Subjective preference in tone or playability when action is lowered below factory standard.

  3. Warranty will be voided under these circumstances:

    • For wood steel string guitars, (with the exception of the Puddle Jumper series with 23 inch scale) use of any string set other than light strings will void this warranty. Because of the shorter scale, Puddle Jumper steel string guitars can handle string tension up to 13-56 D’addario Medium strings. All other steel string wood guitars must use light gauge strings.

    • For nylon string wood guitars, use of any string set with higher tension than medium tension strings will void this warranty (with the exception of the OC660M which can handle high-tension strings).

    • Any tampering or removal of neck attachment bolt or latch mechanism unless approved by a Journey Instruments Official Rep will void this warranty.

  4. Repair or replacement procedures and policy:

    • Purchaser must provide proof of original purchase in the form of an original receipt to the authorized dealer from which they purchased their product and return the product to be repaired. The dealer will verify the claim and manage the shipment and work with Journey Instruments UK Ltd’s authorized service center.

    • Repair or replacement of products are to be conducted at an official Journey Instruments UK Ltd service center. Purchaser must pay the authorized dealer in advance the full cost shipping and insurance (to and from authorized service center, along with customs fees and duties if applicable) of a product in need of repair.

    • Should Journey Instruments UK Ltd determine that the asserted defect is excluded from this Limited Warranty, the product shall be returned without repairs or replacement, via pre-paid shipping by the purchaser.

    • In the unexpected event of damage or loss of the purchaser’s product by theft, fire, or other event that may occur while in Journey Instruments UK Ltd’s possession, any liability shall not be in excess of the replacement of the product with a new product of the same or most similar kind available.

    • No liability will be assumed by Journey Instruments UK Ltd in the event of loss or damage to the purchaser’s product while in transit to or from the specified repair center. The purchaser shall be responsible for any and all risk of loss during transit.

  5. Journey Instruments UK Ltd’s warranty obligations are limited to:

    • The repair of any product or component that is claimed to be defective will be done by means of available materials, tools, and procedures at the time of claim.

    • The repair or replacement of such product or component as deemed necessary by an official repair technician of Journey Instruments UK Ltd.

    • If replacement is necessary, the purchaser’s product shall be replaced with a product of the same or most similar kind and value available.

This Limited Warranty is the exclusive sole warranty of Journey Instruments UK Ltd and is made in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for any purpose. In no event will Journey Instruments UK Ltd be liable for special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind, regardless of how arising – including, but not limited to, damage to property, person, loss of profit or damages of any kind that are related to or a result of the production, sale, delivery, maintenance, repair, or use of any products or services. This Limited Warranty shall be controlling over any contradicting or conflicting terms and conditions of any and all other contracts, purchase orders or other documents that may be in effect with regard to Journey Instruments products.

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