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Journey Collapsible Neck Assembly Instructions

Quick start quide

Troubleshooting guide

Assembly and disassembly of our patented collapsible neck system is quick, easy, secure, and stable. The procedure below can be used with all our collapsible guitars – whether wood or carbon fiber.

Assembly Steps:

Step 1.
Place the neck in the neck slot at an angle
Step 2.
With both hands, click the neck into place
Step 3.
While applying neck pressure, twist the knob on the back to tighten the neck fully.

There are two common methods to execute these three steps.

Assembly Method 1: Using leverage against a horizontal surface.

1. Insert the neck into the slot with the guitar at an angle and the soundboard facing downward at about a 45 degree angle. The fretboard rests against the palm of one hand while the other hand is on the back of the guitar holding the knob.

Guitar view side
Guitar view back

2. Press the body against the neck, which is supported by your other hand. The neck will click into place.

Guitar view screw

3. While supporting the neck with one hand, use the other hand to twist the knob clockwise while applying downward force until the gap between the neck and body is minimized.

Guitar view
Guitar view neck and body
guitar view neck and body 2

Assembly Method 2: Placing the guitar between your legs.

1. Place the body gently between your legs with one hand, and insert the neck into the neck slot with the other. Be sure to hold the neck near the headstock with strings facing your palm.

guitar view between legs

2. With one hand holding the neck towards the headstock with palm facing the fretboard, and the other hand with the heel of the palm against the back of the guitar near – click the neck into place.

3. With the guitar firmly between your legs, twist the knob clockwise with one hand while pressing the neck against the neck slot until the gap between the neck and body is minimized.

guitar view between legs 2


1. Twist the knob counter-clockwise with one hand while adding a little force against the fretboard side of the neck with the other hand. Untwist the knob until it is fully unscrewed. If you can pull back on the spring-loaded knob then you can be sure the bolt is fully dislodged.

guitar breakdown

2. While holding the neck with one hand, press the black button with the thumb of your other hand to release the neck.

Helpful Tips for Action and Neck Adjustment

a. Changes in temperature and humidity will impact the action because the wood contracts and expands as water is absorbed or evaporated from the wood in the neck and neck block. This is common for all guitars.

b. You can use the turn knob on the back to adjust neck angle – this will increase or decrease the gap between the neck and the slot in the body. The bigger the gap, the higher your string height will be at the 12th fret. You can set the action lower for easier playability if you have a lighter playing style – then you can adjust the knob on the back to increase string height for heavier playing and strumming.

c. The neck slot is slightly wider than a traditional business card. You can cut a 1cm strip of a business card and place it in your neck slot for a quick neck angle adjustment to reduce string height if needed when traveling. Custom fit neck shim kits are also available for purchase on our website for precision adjustments as well.

guitar latch system
guitar shim
guitar shim 2

Helpful Tips for Assembly

a. When assembling the guitar, always grab the neck near the headstock. This gives you more leverage to click the neck into place and to tighten the neck fully into the slot.

b. Be careful to not tangle the neck in the strings. If this happens, it’s usually quicker to pull the bridge pins and re-insert the strings than it is to try to feed the neck back through the strings.

c. If your action is high, this is usually because you have not tightened the neck fully. The assembly methods above are helpful to resolve this issue. Just make sure the gap between the body and the neck is closed.

guitar view
guitar view

Helpful Tips for Disassembly

a. It’s helpful to add pressure against the neck when you unscrew the main bolt – especially on the first few turns.

b. If humidity has increased since you assembled your guitar, it may be difficult to turn the knob on the back because the wood has absorbed moisture. Try adding more force against the neck while untightening the bolt, or moving the guitar to a room with lower humidity or temperature.

c. Always be sure to have a firm grip on the neck when pressing the black button to release the neck.

d. When loosening the back screw, pull back on the screw to ensure the bolt threads have fully disengaged with the neck nut. You can see at 1:30 in the video below:

Finally, if humidity is heavy, you may need to loosen the strings a bit to press the button on the neck, but this is very rare.

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