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Martina Armour

Martina Armour is a singer-songwriter and recording artist based in Los Angeles, CA and Gothenburg Sweden. Armed with a captivating and heartfelt folk-pop sound that shines through melancholic lyrics with warm, clear vocals, Martina’s sound is a dynamic blend of some of her greatest inspirations. She weaves together the folk-pop sounds of Fleetwood Mac, the raw emotional depth of Brandi Carlile, and the heartfelt storytelling of Noah Kahan.

Originally from Sweden, Martina followed her dreams to Los Angeles and in 2019, she made her first mark upon the music industry with the folk/pop single “Trouble”. Martina released the equally impressive follow-up singles of ‘Knife’ and “On the Run,” cementing her place in today’s music scene with two lavish and emotionally raw releases that captured the essence and scale of her artistic abilities.

Her debut EP “What It Feels Like” holds six songs total, including a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Storms” that Mick Fleetwood himself gave his approval of in a personal video message to her.

Martina Armour is a three-time semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition (world’s largest songwriting competition), with unreleased “Love to Gold” and “Sad Song” (produced by Ryan Corn, Nashville) and “Slowly Lifting” (produced by Martina) off her debut EP. Her passion for music has led her to collaborate with musicians both locally and internationally and write music for film and TV. Martina’s song “Everything” can be heard in the soundtrack of the feature film “Dylan & Zoey” on Starz and Hulu (Claudia Doumit, Blake Scott Lewis).

Additionally, Martina’s music has been recognized in her home country of Sweden. Martina was part of the top 100 in the Denniz Pop Awards 2022, an initiative to award new talents, unsung heroes, and big successes of the industry. The initiative aims to recognize individuals who are making an outstanding contribution to Sweden’s international pop music heritage and helping continue the legacy Denniz Pop once started.

Currently, Martina is in the process of recording her next EP, planned to be released this year. Martina is keeping busy playing live shows in Los Angeles, some of her upcoming shows are The Hotel Cafe, Desert 5 Spot and the Stowaway.

Martina’s latest single “Run with the River” was featured in the new season finale of Love is Blind on Netflix.

When asked about her OF312 Overhead+, Martina had this to say:

“I have been looking for a guitar like this for quite sometime after struggling with bringing my guitar onboard while traveling for writing sessions and going back and forth between my LA home base and family in Sweden.

My Journey Guitar solved all my problems! I’m able to fit it into a backpack and keep it with me in the cabin and also plug it in for live shows while playing live on my trips. It’s super easy to snap the neck in place and holds tuning surprisingly well! This is my go to guitar for writing trips, roadtrips and live shows outside my hometown. The sound is warm and inspiring.  And it came with a lower bridge that I easily installed myself to fit my preferred action. I also have to mention how beautiful the Mahogany guitar is :)”

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