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Andrés Iwasaki

Andrés Iwasaki is a Spanish singer and songwriter with Peruvian and Japanese roots. He is based in Madrid, where he has recorded his last EP “Al margen de ojalá” (2021) financed with Crowdfunding. He performed on the TV show The Voice Spain in 2019 and he is currently working in a new album for 2024.

Andrés is also a cabin crew member in a well known Spanish airline and thanks to Journey Instruments he is now going to be able to play wherever he goes.

When asked what he loves about his Journey Instruments Puddle Jumper, Andrés had this to say:

“I think this guitar has a genius design. I was looking for a guitar to take abroad with me in my job as part of an airline cabin crew. It was so hard to find a model that I could fit into my suitcase! But this PJ410N collapsible guitar is perfect to travel around the globe. It is not heavy at all, it has a great and loud sound, even though it doesn’t have a big body and honestly I feel more relaxed knowing that my instrument can safely travel with me all the time.”

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